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Stricture Urethra

Narrowing of the natural urethral passage is known as stricture urethra. The usual symptoms faced by such a patient are:

  • decreased force of micturition
  • narrowed/ thin urinary stream
  • straining to pass urine
  • sense of incomplete emptying

Common causes for stricture formation:

  • a history of previous catheterization or urethral procedure
  • trauma
  • past sexually transmitted infections such as gonorrhoea

This condition can easily be diagnosed by a few simple tests such as uroflowmetry and retrograde urethrogram

OIU - Treatment of Urethral Stricture
OIU(Optical Internal Urethrotomy)
In this case using a cystoscope the narrowed part of urethra ( stricture/scar tissue) is directly visualized and cut across
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Best Surgeon for Urethroplasty
In long segment strictures or dense strictures recuuring after OIU, urethroplasty is recommended. It has long term better results compared
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