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Stricture Urethra Treatment in Delhi
Stricture Urethra Treatment in Delhi

Stricture Urethra Treatment in Delhi

Narrowing of the natural urethral passage is known as stricture urethra. The usual symptoms faced by such a patient are:

  • decreased force of micturition
  • narrowed/ thin urinary stream
  • straining to pass urine
  • sense of incomplete emptying

Common causes for stricture formation:

  • a history of previous catheterization or urethral procedure
  • trauma
  • past sexually transmitted infections such as gonorrhea

This condition can easily be diagnosed by a few simple tests such as uroflowmetry and retrograde urethrogram

Symptoms of Stricture Urethra

Urethral Stricture can cause numerous symptoms, and the most obvious sign is a weakened urinary system, which can vary from mild to severe. Some signs and symptoms of a urinary stricture include:

  • Weak urinary stream
  • Straining to pass urine
  • Frequent urine infections
  • Spraying of the urine system
  • Taking a long time to pass urine
  • Sense of incomplete bladder emptying
  • Frequent desire to pass urine owing to incomplete emptying

Some of the patients with severe urinary strictures are not able to urinate completely (acute urinary retention) and require immediate medical attention. Urinary stricture can also cause prostatitis, a complicated urinary tract infection, in which the enlargement and inflammation of the prostate gland take place. Also, some patients develop secondary bladder stones because of incomplete emptying of the bladder.

Without treatment, urinary strictures can cause kidney infections and bladder stones, and it can also cause bladder enlargement, which may become dysfunctional with time. The selection of treatment for urinary strictures depends upon the severity and length of the stricture. Dr. Niren Rao is one of the best urologists who provide Urethral Stricture Urethra Treatment in Delhi.


Urethral Stricture Surgery Treatment in Delhi, at Dr. Niren Rao’s Urology Practice Clinic, involves the latest treatments, interventions, and tests to detect the disease. Therefore, Dr. Rao can provide effective ways to manage and prevent this problem.

The diagnosis involves:

  • Physical examination
  • Cystoscopy
  • Urine flow test or uroflowmetry
  • Retrograde urethrogram and micturating cystourethrogram

For a safe and effective stricture urethra treatment in Saket, consult the certified and experienced urologist Dr. Niren Rao in South Delhi.

Causes of urethral stricture

In males during the urination process, the urine is carried out by the urethra from the bladder via the penis and is excreted from the urethral meatus. In urethral strictures, the male urethra becomes narrower in shape. The urethral stricture occurs due to chronic inflammation or the formation of scar tissue.

Reasons for the formation of scar tissue are as follows

  • An injury to the scrotum, the penis, or a straddle injury 
  • An infection that occurs mainly due to sexually transmitted diseases such as Chlamydia. 
  • Use of instruments and catheters during surgery or examination of the bladder or urethra

The scar tissue narrowing the urethra causes difficulty in urinating. A weakened urinary system is the most obvious symptom of urethral strictures.

In severe stricture cases, patients are not able to urinate completely. This is an emergency medical condition known as urinary retention. Renal failure and hydronephrosis may also occur in long-standing cases. A urethral stricture causes inflammation and enlargement of the prostate.

Two Main Techniques for Treating Urethra Stricture

Optical Internal Urethrotomy procedure for urethral strictures:

Optical Internal Urethrotomy is a procedure that is used to treat urethral strictures or scar tissue. In Optical Internal Urethrotomy, the narrowed part of the urethra (scar tissue or strictures) is directly cut by using a cystoscope and a cold knife or laser. It is a minimally invasive daycare procedure, and no incisions or cuts are involved in this procedure. After the surgery, a catheter is kept in situ for five to seven days. This treatment normalizes the urine flow after the removal of the catheter. Therefore, internal urethrotomy is a safe and reliable process for the management of urethral strictures. Book a consultation with Dr. Niren Rao to learn more about stricture urethra treatment in Saket, Delhi.


A surgical procedure in which narrowed urethra is replaced or reconstructed by open surgery is known as urethroplasty. Urethroplasty is suggested if long part strictures or dense strictures reoccur after Optical Internal Urethrotomy (OIU). Dr. Niren Rao, the best surgeon for Urethroplasty in Delhi, can help in providing the right treatment. Urethroplasty is the gold standard for reconstructing urethra with long-lasting results.

Cost of these Surgeries

OIU- The OIU technique is a daycare procedure that allows the patient to go home the same day. The cost of OIU in Delhi at Dr. Niren Rao's Urology Practice starts at Rs. 25000 for OIU.

Urethroplasty- At Dr. Niren Rao’s Urology Practice two types of urethroplasty is performed:

  • End-to-end Urethroplasty- At Dr Niren Rao’s Urology Practice, the cost of end-to-end urethroplasty in Delhi starts at Rs. 60000.
  • Substitution Urethroplasty- At Dr Niren Rao’s Urology Practice, the cost of substitution urethroplasty in Delhi starts at Rs. 75000.
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