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Kidneys are bean-shaped organs in the human body which play a vital role in human well-being. Besides filtering blood and producing urine, they help in maintaining acid-base balance of body, regulating blood pressure and help in regulating production of blood (erythropoietin). They can be inflicted by various problems/diseases like formation of stones, cancer or kidney failure. In the modern era of medicine, thankfully all these problems can be easily dealt with.

Kidney Stone Laser Treatment
Kidney Stone
Kidney stones are one of the most common health problems. The symptoms show up as flank pain, blood in urine,
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Kidney Cancer Specialist Surgeon
Kidney Cancer
Cancer of the kidney was a dreadful disease in the past because usually patients use to present in late stages
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Kidney Transplant Doctor
Kidney Transplant Doctor in Delhi
Kidney failure is wide spread in India with around 20 million cases currently and adding each year. the most common
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