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Kidney Cancer Treatment in Delhi
Kidney Cancer Treatment Cost in Delhi

Kidney Cancer Treatment in Delhi

Cancer of the kidney was a dreadful disease in the past because usually, patients use to present in late stages with advanced disease. At the present time, most kidney cancers are incidentally detected during ultrasound or other imaging studies done for unrelated problems. The other presenting symptoms of kidney cancer are a pain in the flanks, blood in urine, and a palpable mass. A contrast CT scan is required for confirming doubts about the presence of a tumor. Surgery is the only realistic treatment for this disease. With the advancement of technology, these tumors can be dealt with minimally-invasive surgeries or in-common parlance keyhole surgeries. The hospital stay can be as short as one day only and people can resume their normal work in three to five days' time.

Kidney Cancer Treatment Cost in Delhi Starting at Rs. 75,000*.

What is the cost of kidney cancer surgery in Delhi?

The cost of kidney cancer surgery at Dr. Niren Rao’s Urology Practice starts at Rs. 75,000*.


Radical Nephrectomy

Using laparoscopic approach the entire kidney along with the tumor is removed and sent for the biopsy.

1.  Open 

2.  Laparoscopic 

Partial Nephrectomy

If the tumor is very small then sometimes it is possible to remove only the tumor and the kidney can be saved. The results of this surgery are comparable to removing the entire kidney. In this surgery also hospital stay is short and recovery is fast.

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