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Bladder Stone Specialist in Delhi
Bladder Stone Treatment Specialist in Delhi

Bladder Stone Specialist in Delhi

Bladder stones commonly form in the bladder due to some obstruction to the outflow of urine. More common in males this can be due to narrowing of urethral passage ( stricture urethra) or commonly due to an enlarged prostate. In such cases, the obstruction due to prostate enlargement also needs to be treated surgically. Uncommonly stones that pass down from the kidneys into the bladder can also grow in size over years.



In this procedure , a cystoscope is passed through natural urinary passage into the bladder to visualize the stone.After this the stone is broken into small pieces with either laser or hand held pneumatic lithoclast. Stone fragments are then removed. After the procedure a urinary catheter is left inside for a day or two. This surgery can be done as a day care procedure.

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